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   Open Letter to MSNBC

Open Letter to MSNBC

To MSNBC Management:

Why are you guys hyping Bush's "war" like some kind of prize fight or the super bowl or something? Look at what the people of the US are thinking about this Bush war craze, just see the LA Times poll that says that over two-thirds of us reject Bush's case for war. Are you reporting that?

Or are you so obsessed with your "Showdown" and "Countdown" hype that you have let go of your basic journalistic honesty and ethics as members of our free and independent (from the White House) press?

Do you even realize (or care) that your war hype is inducing a strange war fever, making it easier for the warmongers to have their way, in opposition to most of the world's leaders and peoples who want a peaceful resolution?

Do you even care that war means massive death, destruction and instability for decades to come? Do you give two hoots about the rule of international law, civilized norms, due process, and world opinion? Does any of the above even mean anything to you as you stay singularly focused on the "bottom line value" of your cheap, tinny and contrived war infotainment?

And why are you heaping yellow dirt on Islam via denigration of the PBS documentary on Muhammad before it is even shown on the air? Is this not out-and-out discrimination? Are you Islamophobes and xenophobes like Falwell and Robertson and Daniel Pipes? Aren't you exhibiting a perverse eagerness for racism like what eventually led the Nazis to try to exterminate the Jews?

How long do you think it will be before you will be showing Muslim Americans being led off to concentration camps if this unholy alliance between this usurper administration, a bigoted clergy/political cadre and a blinded media (you guys) continues at this rate?

Do you have a conscience? Do you have a soul? Or is all you have a "bottom line" while you hurtle (taking unsuspecting American viewers with you) into the bottomless pit of racism, prejudice and bigotry?

Saif Hussain     
Los Angeles, Ca.

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This story was published on January 8, 2003.
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