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   How 'Did' those WTC Buildings Collapse?

Unexplained Media Omissions and Silence:

How Did those WTC Buildings Collapse?

by Scott Loughrey

The Washington Post recently (and casually) reported (1/3/03) that the ownership of our nation’s media and entertainment industries is becoming more even more consolidated than they are today. FCC Chairman Michael Powell is determined to relax the restrictions which control how much investment in media and information immense corporations like AOL-Time-Warner can make within individual markets. It has long been the opinion of this writer that media concentration is the Number One problem facing this country. People who dispute this idea always point out that the Internet is a source of information for those who (rightly) avoid the mainstream. However, the Bush right-wing faction (as opposed to the right wing faction that deplores government interference with liberties) is planning an attack on the freedom many of us associate with the “information superhighway” as you read these words.

With a more concentrated media comes the prospect that serious lines of inquiry will not be pursued in a timely fashion to correct problems. For example, what really happened on 9/11/01?

What follows is a cursory examination of some of the many issues that a growing number of people have with what we’ve been told happened that day. These conversations are taking place on the Internet exclusively because neither the mainstream nor the established left media are giving these ideas much attention. In the case of the latter, the failure of left-stalwarts such as Z Magazine (to name one) to discuss these matters is attracting hard criticism (link) from well-respected intellectuals.

Let’s start with the World Trade Center (WTC) twin towers. How did they collapse? The explanation so far (link) is that the temperature from the burning jet fuel of the two planes was sufficient to weaken the steel trusses supporting both buildings. This made their collapsing “inevitable.” End of story.

However, a lot of people are wondering (link) why both buildings collapsed so neatly. Why were there no major amounts of debris in contact with neighboring buildings?

Other questions include:

  • How were the laws of physics changed to permit the heat from the burning jet fuel to fatally weaken buildings constructed of 150,000-200,000 tons of steel?

  • Why did the South tower collapse, since most of the jet fuel apparently was ignited in the fireball accompanying Flight 175s crash?

  • Why did the sections of both towers that were above the fires disintegrate as soon as they collapsed rather than landing as large blocks? (Both buildings collapse from top to bottom very similarly to what demolition experts call a “smooth wave.”)

  • Why did World Trade Center 7, which wasnt hit by an aircraft or falling debris, collapse at all? (Video) Apparently it is the first large building in history that completely disintegrated from a fire.

  • To add further fuel to the raging discussion, the WTC changed ownership just eleven weeks before the towers went down. In addition, we’ve been recently informed that key surveillance tapes and maintenance logs were destroyed in the disaster (link). Finally, the speed with which Controlled Demolition Inc. removed and shipped away the debris is drawing criticism. CDI is reportedly the same firm that also swiftly removed the debris from the Oklahoma City bombing.
These unexamined questions are festering like an open wound. If our “free press”—whatever its political bent might be—cannot bring itself to ask what really happened on 9/11/01, or to intelligently refute the explanations offered by others, then it risks seeing a repeat of tragedies on that scale. And it also risks becoming increasingly irrelevant.

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This story was published on January 8, 2003.
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