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   Enter Kissinger, the Accidental Appointment

Media Fumbles:

Enter Kissinger, the Accidental Appointment

by Scott Loughrey

When the news broke that Bush’s choice to oversee the 9/11 “investigation” was none other than Henry Kissinger, considered by many knowledgable people to be one of the world’s leading war criminals (link), the mainstream media did a decent job of printing commentary mentioning HK’s bloody record and penchant for telling lies. However, there was also a lot of implication that this was a naïve, even accidental appointment from the Bush team. For example, consider Baltimore Sun cartoonist KAL's timid take (12/7/02) on the matter.

In KAL’s cartoon, Bush is shown uncovering Kissinger from underneath a rock. KAL has Bush saying: “Henry—what my commission on 9/11 needs is a leader with impeccable integrity and unquestionable honesty—but you’ll do.” This is a typical cartoon from KAL, who frequently uses his considerable artistic skills to illustrate powerful US figures as being well-intentioned and sincere. In this case, KAL adopts the mainstream media’s comfortable perspective that our nation has a President Bush who wants to have a serious inquiry into 9/11, but could not avoid making a bad choice to oversee the panel.

The Washington Post (12/8/2002) decided to try comedy to explain the return to power of Kissinger, along with Elliott Abrams and John Poindexter in other roles. In their Outlook section an article dramatized the recent appointments of this collection of liars and scoundrels as if it were a film-noir production. A hilarious cartoon of a movie poster is provided. In the article, the lying pasts of these men is recounted. Finally the writer asks the pivotal question and gives us the acceptable answer: “Why has Bush chosen to resuscitate men with rather unusual resumes? The answer is that he appears not to think they did anything wrong” (Washington Post, 12/8/2002).

Of course. Accidents do happen. Any other explanation for why the Bush team has appointed an accused war criminal and two known liars to positions of influence can’t be printed in the mainstream media today.

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This story was published on January 8, 2003.
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