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   Letters related to Tina Staik's article, "Is It a Coincidence?"

Letters related to Tina Staik's article, "Is It a Coincidence?"

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  • Another "Coincidence"
    You missed one "coincidence".
           Music is the language of love—and dissent.
           Is it a coincidence that 85% of all music released is controlled by 5 companies who are very closely linked to the media companies? This integration keeps everyone "on message."
           I have not heard anyone covering Neil Young's "Rocking in the Free World" lately, and in fact Clear Channel—the company that controls most of what you hear in any major market—in September circulated a memo to their affiliates specifically advising them NOT to play certain songs that may impact on the public's support of the war effort. Seems like censorship to me.
           This combined with the cuts in music programs in the schools has left an entire generation without the tools to comment on what's going on in their world and instead are fed a steady stream of sexy, poppy music from aging rockers or 19-year-old "virgins." It goes down nice and easy without too much thought required.

    Chris Cowan

  • The Big Picture
    Kudos on an excellent article.
           I have written on the various topics referenced, but this well-written article by Tina Staik ties them together in a way in which the big picture comes into focus. Many thanks.

    C. Maxwell
    Chicago, IL.

  • Bravo!!

    I think that Tina Staik's article "Is it a Coincidence?" is absolutely BRILLIANT!! What a potent, articulate antidote to the utter pablum that the news organs of the Media Oligarchy consistently assault our intelligence with! With Faux News, CNN and now MSNBC all trying to out-conservative each other by upping the ante in a bidding war to see who can broadcast the biggest reactionary conservative LOUDMOUTH JERK (O'Reilly, Matthews, et al), it's nice, no, POSITIVELY REFRESHING, to hear from a Voice of Reason & Decency like Ms. Staik. As the media intensifies its air war of disinformation and demoralization, we need more voices of honesty like hers!!
           Every time a person throws up his or her arms in disgust at how low the political discourse in this country has sunk, somewhere an anti-government (read anti-democracy) conservative is smiling. Let's not let them win.
           Thanks again!

    Tom McGuiness Jr.

  • Want To Help
    I want to help expose Bush. I HATE what he did. He STOLE my BELOVED democracy. He is pandering to the American Religious Reich—a bunch of dangerous, zealot, mental cases (How'd they get all those dinosaurs on that ark?). What can I do to help?

    Belinda J. Pawling
    Gig Harbor, WA.

  • Inspiration
    A pleasure to read an article about people who inspire and have the potential for making this world a better place instead of the usual lot who are writing op-eds and editorials in all of the US press...all we read, hear and see in the US media are those spewing hate, calls for revenge, annihilation of any group that opposes dictates from those who control the US govt. ....the only views on Iraq are from those presenting different perspectives of how to destroy Iraq as a nation as efficiently as possible... those working for peace, non-violent solutions to conflict and injustice are usually ignored or mocked by the US media.

    Ingrid Swenson

  • Front Page Material
    This is a remarkable article and it should be on the front page of every newspaper in America. However, I do suspect it will generate volumes of hate mail. I believe the more accurate an article is the more hate mail it will generate. The Right hates journalist endeavors that are well-thought-out and articulate and expose their policies for what they are: mean-spirited and self-serving.

    Jo-Anna Pippen
    Albany, CA.

  • Get While the Getting's Good
    The first thing I would like to say is AMEN. You must have been reading my mind in many ways. I argue and argue with friends as well as others to wake up and see what is happening under Bush. But they see me as an extremist. Is it a coincidence that two months after Bush met with Hollywood, in a meeting to discuss what they could do for America, that the Bin Ladin tape was found with him admitting to the bombings? On the tape, on which you can't see his lips move and can't understand what he is saying, he admits to the attacks. When the Arab community wouldn't accept the tapes as authentic, Bush and Co. produces another, but this time it is sent to the Arab media. It wasn't sent by the normal way Bin Laden sent his messages, but instead sent by an American-owned delivery service, and it wasn't taped on the same kind of tape that was normally delivered by Bin Laden, but instead was taped on an outdated version that was incompatible to the Arab media. The Bush intelligence was unable to decide what type of tape Bin Laden used, so they just figured that it had to be an older version. Is it a coincidence that tapes that were fabricated by Bush will be used to convict the people who are accused of the terrorist acts?
           I believe Bush, in his push for power and the application of his agenda, knew about the attacks in advance and let them happen. I think it was really ironic that the plane that hit the pentagon hit in the section that was under construction, where the least amount of people would be killed. Bush, with a 50% approval rating before the attacks, had difficulty putting his agenda through, but after the attacks he was able to do just about anything. I do believe that the collusion between the major corporations to cook their books to hide profit, to create a false recession, will provide Bush with the ammunition to be able to give his huge tax cuts, and when he is satisfied with the tax cuts he will then inform the corporations to release their record profits to create a financial windfall for the rich, and then shooting his approval into the stratosphere so then he can try to say his tax cut plan for the wealthy really did work. Bush pinned the attacks on Bin Laden, so he could have an excuse to invade Afghanistan. Now he is using all means, military tribunals, stripping us of our rights, so he can capture anyone that would be able to prove that Bin Laden didn't have anything to do with it. We are living in a dangerous world, where you don't know who to trust, especially your own government.
           I did enjoy your article, and hope to see more. All I can say now is, while the Bushies are pushing for this false recession, and thus devaluing the stocks on thestock markets, in order for the poor to dump their stocks at a low price, and let the rich grab them up at a discount, for anyone to grab what stocks they can while the price is right, because I feel that when the time is right, that there will be a huge windfall, and mostly benefiting the wealthy. So get while the getting is good.

    David Rowland

  • It Takes Courage
    Please convey my compliments to Tina Staik for her piece, "Is it a Coincidence?" She has the courage to put into words the anger that many of us feel about the direction this country is taking. Voices like hers are desperately needed at a time when most of the media is in thrall to huge corporations and the Right's omnipresent hate-mongers.

    Kathy Mihalisko

  • It's About Time
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for Tina Staik's "Is it a Coincidence?" article! It's about time this sort of thing was published!!!

    Gloria R. Lalumia
    Las Cruces, NM.

  • Kudos
    Loved Tina Staik's exposé in your paper.
           Kudos to you for printing such valuable information at this critical time!

    Carla Itzkowich

  • Moral High Ground
    True that Bush et al are fascists and everything they say, do and feel is false. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi says that there is a demon in the White House. There is no way out of this. This is demonic stuff. Eventually, the only moral high ground will be in jail. The American democratic experiment is over. I and all of us are powerless. The only answer is to get out.

    David Wilson

  • Nightmare
    A truly great article. I am awake, but it feels like a nightmare.

    David Collins

  • Other Coincidences
    One of my major goals in life is to promote the ability of each of us to be responsible for our own emotional health, to take care of ourselves, by ourselves, without the use of psychologists, psychiatrists and drugs. There ARE natural ways, one of which is WREMS. We know that if you are on one of the Prozac drugs, you cannot desensitize (move through) painful events, you become 'frozen' in them and take on a false sense of joyful security. In researching the book soon to come out, I was astounded by some facts that are NOT being brought out in articles such as yours.. which, by the way, was EXCELLENT.

           IS it a coincidence that Lilly was able to bring Prozac and its ilk into the US and got amazingly short approval on it despite the massive side effects noted in German trials on ONLY 100 MEN? Note: It was approved under the Bush/ Quayle administration, Lilly is in Quayle's district in Indiana, and Quayle owns a chunk of stock in the company.
           IS it a coincidence that a percentage of men, as they come off Prozac, become very hostile and commit suicide/homicide?
           IS it a coincidence that during these last twenty years, the DSM code book has grown by leaps to include a multitude of psychiatric 'diseases' such as ANXIETY DISORDER, PSMDD, POST PARTUM DEPRESSIVE DISORDER, MENOPAUSE, ADHD, ADD and on and on?
           IS it a coincidence that a massive push is on to make taking medications for a diagnosed mental 'disease' mandatory? In fact, the health authorities in cases deemed 'dangerous' to others can come to your house and force you to take a Prozac-like drug or an anti-psychotic despite the horrific side effects.
           IS it a coincidence that women and children are getting the brunt of the new 'diseases'?
           IS it a coincidence that the lawsuits against the APA for over-diagnosis of ADHD/ADD and over-prescription of Ritalin are being dismissed left and right?
           IS it a coincidence that Ritalin opens up areas in the child's brain that are the same as the receptors for cocaine, thereby virtually making the child crave coke as he/she comes off Ritalin at about age 18?
           IS it a coincidence that Lilly has just been granted permission to create a whole new batch of Prozacs? Seraphim for PMSDD, candy-flavored Prozac for children, and long-lasting Prozac for women with ANXIETY DISORDERS (which includes PTSD - eg; A battered woman is almost instantly drugged, often with several tranquilizers.)?
           IS it a coincidence that the brain works very hard to overcome the effects of Prozac and the dosage given becomes insufficient to maintain the calming effects after about 3 weeks? Thus the dosage must be increased. Yet, the chemicals in Prozac-type drugs take almost 48 days to leave the body.
           IS it a coincidence that Prozac-type drugs knock out the liver's ability to detoxify the body, thus making the person more susceptible to pollution (rise in asthma), viruses, and other illnesses? This was known in the German trials. But, at the same time, more and more 'illnesses' are being 'co-prescribed' Prozac type drugs. Ex: seniors with heart problems are often heavily tranquilized despite the known danger to the immune system. Another nasty side effect of Prozac AND Ritalin type drugs is severe disturbance of REM sleep. If you don't dream well, you begin to get sick both mentally and physically and are often co-prescribed anti-psychotics such as Librium and labeled as a Bi-polar. If you don't dream well over a long period of time, it is the same as not dreaming at all. Which is not good, very very not good.
           And on and on.
           I've not begun to touch what is happening with children and these prescriptions.... which is terribly scary.

    Ann [last name withheld on request]

  • Propaganda Wins
    This is a fantastic article. I wish everyone could read it and think about it. This article confirms the reason why it took 8 years to try to undermine Clinton. Even though he did some things I didn't like, he was trying to get away from some of the things that were "killing" the world. The conspiracy was there, and it's there now. I also blame the media, the so-called journalists, who were only after where the money was, they are jumping from one channel to another, being bribed by money to give information that supports the oil and war profiteers. If you don't agree, there have been people who have lost their jobs, so those that are there are only in it for the money and to spin their tales for the oil and war industries. Hillary was right when she talked about a conspiracy against Clinton. There have been many of those against people who seek peace, and I don't think we will ever have it because people are not educated enough to know who is trying to help them, and those that are just in it for profit. Propaganda wins and loses all wars, and it's the same in our economic and private lives.
           Thank you for the article, I'm passing it on.

    Vera [last name withheld on request]
    Granbury, TX.

  • Ray of Hope
    Thank you for a ray of hope in getting out the truth about the Bush family and the Republican rich folks. I am dumb-struck by all of the information that is in this article, with references to back it up. PLEASE, tell me there is a way to get this message out to all of the people. If we do not rid ourselves of these liars and cheats that are running our country into the ground, we are all doomed. I just wanted to THANK you for being willing to stick your neck out with the truth. I am sending this to everyone on my address list and asking them to do the same. God Bless all of you on this newspaper staff, for helping a poor old lady have something to hold on to.

    Geri Pistorius
    Linesville, PA.

  • Take Our Nation Back
    Thank you a million times for printing Tina Staik's "Is It A Coincidence?" Thank you for having the courage to print this article. I know we can do something about this problem when the people of our nation are allowed to simply have the information available for their private thinking. Without accurate information we cannot form the kind of general consensus needed to take our nation back. It would also be a good idea if those not part of the oil and war industries would consider "funding" individuals and groups for peace and democracy as effectively as do those who fund the opposite.

    Estrella Holtzknecht-Berosini

  • Real Journalism
    Ms. Staik's article "Is It a Coincidence?" is a refreshing, thoughtful, thorough, and courageous act of real journalism, which one seldom finds in the mainstream U.S. press any longer. Thanks for publishing it. It was courageous of you as well, especially considering that you might get in trouble from the White House folks for allowing criticism of our so-called president to appear in print! Also, your paper is probably owned by a Republican group, and you'll no doubt hear from your bosses about this. Please keep it up anyway!
           I fear that Tina is right about the many coincidences.

    Connie Massey

  • Valuable Information
    Is it a coincidence? Sadly, no. And we'll have no reason or will to know the truth with a populace blinded by propaganda and Nationalism. I commend you for writing this piece. The SS are indeed here. I can feel it, I know others can feel it too. We can only hope the majority aren't so indoctrinated that they can't see these people for what they are. First thing that should be exposed is this supposed 80 to 90 percent approval rating for this administration. 1500 people is not an adequate sample. And, I would be interested in seeing the questions being asked that would garner such high approval in such dreadful times.
           You're providing valuable information here. Unfortunately, it's not the kind of information that "Big Media" is willing to cover. And if they do, they usually fail to put it into perspective, or it's distorted and superficially glossed over. People are listening, though, and they are looking elsewhere. Why else would I be writing this to you? I could be over at CNN or FOX getting my daily propaganda and being gently assured that I am, indeed, "free."

    John Amante

  • Superb Piece
    Superb piece Jan. 2 by Tina Staik. Thank you.

    Sonny Collie

  • Thank You
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing your homework. Nothing compares to this challenge before us. Congratulations for your courage.

    A. Acquaviva

  • Great Job
    Re: "Another Salvo for the New Year..." Wonderful article!

    Pat Olson

  • Good Journalism
    I enjoyed your "Tina Staik" article. There is a glaring need for this sort of journalism that exposes this administration for what it is (a Facist-grounded group).

    Ralph H. Dunaway, Sr.
    Astor, FL

  • Bush Mafia
    Tina Staik's article, "Is it a coincidence..?" is absolutely fantastic! Please publish more exposés like this. It is a breath of fresh air in these days of media censorship. We are in the midst of a creeping Republican (fascist) coup d'état and Bush and his cronies cannot be allowed to get away with it. There is corruption at the highest levels of the government... Please investigate the crimes of the Bush mafia.

    Mark Burch

  • Concerning Coincidence
    This is concerning coincidence.... having read all three parts, I find it a powerfully written and well referenced article. It is refreshing to see an author include links in their articles to their references. So many other writers just ask readers to accept the fact that they did the research.
           I hope you are able to continue to publish articles from writers that can be both outspoken and well researched on their topic. Also, your author may like to look into the links between UNOCAL and the Mullah Omar and Bush II. Look into the years of 1995-97, Texas courts, the Taliban.... UNOCAL...ENRON... and Texas's then-governor G.W. Bush. See:

    John N. Pigg

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