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Obama's ACA didn't fix this:
The U.S. wastes $1.8 Trillion per year on health care spending compared to the average of 2017 per capita costs of comparable yet profit-controlled advanced countries. Let's end price gouging and adopt profit-control practices too. To the point, 2017 US out-of-control per capita health care spending was $5322 more per person than in France, the highest rated system based on patient outcomes.
Now the plan is to recycle that plastic into products you can buy to help fund the effort.
Donald Trump Jr killed rare endangered sheep in Mongolia with special permit [Sick 'fun', murdering a nearly extinct beautiful animal]
  • Permit issued retroactively after meeting with country’s president
  • Argali sheep considered national treasure in Mongolia
Luke O'Neil | The Guardian
Kent Harrington, YouTube video by Kawasaki Group Channel | ChEnected
Mike Schuler | gCaptain
Mike Schuler | gCaptain
European shipping emissions undermining international climate targets [Diesel pollution is often hidden by direct injection into the ocean]
New report says greenhouse gas emissions equal carbon footprint of a quarter of passenger cars in Europe
Sandra Laville | The Guardian
Australian Energy Market Commission says prices will begin to fall next year and by 2022 will be $97 a year lower
Australian Associated Press | The Guardian
Big Energy Front Group Launches Push for Troubled Atlantic Coast Pipeline [This or similar major increase of pollution-likelihood is certain to soon spark major riots and violent conflict. Fossil fuel extraction, processing and sale must be made illegal as soon as practicable]
The group argued that building the pipeline would save North Carolinians money by bringing more natural gas into the non-drilling state, characterizing that as an "energy justice" issue.
Sue Sturgis | Common Dreams
"Decisions taken at the ongoing climate conference will determine whether our ocean continues to sustain a rich variety of life, or whether habitable, oxygen-rich marine areas are increasingly, progressively, and irrevocably lost."
Andrea Germanos, staff writer | Video source: IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature YouTube channel | Common Dreams
The Union Carbide factory explosion remains the world’s worst industrial accident – but as its dreadful legacy becomes increasingly apparent, victims are still waiting for justice
Hannah Ellis-Petersen in Bhopal | The Guardian
Aerial footage captured a 'firenado' forming on Saturday in the Bundamba suburb of Ipswich, Queensland, as a huge fire rapidly advanced across dry grassland, threatening homes. Queensland state authorities have issued an emergency warning as the east coast of Australia works to tackle more than 100 bushfires
This Ingenious System Brings Water to the Chinese Desert [3:25 video; China gets things done while America twitters...]
Seeker Channel | YouTube
Sharks, tuna, marlin and other large fish at risk from spread of ‘dead zones’, say scientists
Fiona Harvey in Madrid | The Guardian
One of southern Africa’s biggest tourist attractions has seen an unprecedented decline this dry season, fuelling climate change fears
Reuters at Victoria Falls | The Guardian

Bad journalists are howled at
BOB SOMERBY in The DailyHowler | EVERY DAY

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If world leaders do not fathom the threat to all life on Earth, they must be removed from office ASAP—dead or alive.
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Andy Beshear signs executive order allowing those with non-violent felony convictions to vote after completing their sentences
Sam Levine in New York | The Guardian
Atrocious': 188 Democrats Join GOP to Hand Trump $738 Billion Military Budget That Includes 'Space Force' [Unlike serving the public, this is what neoliberal (corporate-) Democrats do]
"It is Orwellian for Congress to hand over billions of dollars worth of weapons and bombs to a president waging a horrific, unconstitutional war in Yemen—and call that progressive."
Jake Johnson, staff writer | Common Dreams
Biden Climate Policies So Uniquely Bad That 350 Action Launched a Petition Demanding 2020 Frontrunner 'Do Better' [Unlike serving the public, this is what neoliberal (corporate-) Democrats don't do]
"We deserve better than Joe Biden's silence in the face of crisis."
Jake Johnson, staff writer | Common Dreams
Trump's food stamp cuts will strip lifeline from millions of Americans [Trump and Republicans think being hideously cruel to the defenseless poor is good government. Local governments will also likely raise police budgets to counter more crime by the starving.]
The Trump administration is rolling out new rules that will reduce Snap benefits, and make millions of Americans ineligible to receive them
Michael Sainato | The Guardian
Republicans are turning impeachment into a carnival – and it could cost them [Republicans think their Flying Circus act is clever. The public isn't laughing]
These antics may work as a short-term strategy. But they’ll go down poorly with voters the Republican party really needs
Geoffrey Kabaservice | The Guardian

Australia’s bush fires: the burning issue Scott Morrison refuses to discuss ["Conservatives" have a hard time accepting the obvious, especially when they personally profit by ignoring it...]
This is no time for recrimination and blame – let’s work together against this visionless [British] government
George Monbiot | The Guardian

IDEA updated 11/18/2019: Those who think nation-states are not increasingly corrupt will not understand why change (below) is needed. [Ref.: The world is waking up to this!]

Instead of Plutocratic-Controlled Politicians owning and controlling 'their' people in "their" Nation-State, why can't people everywhere contract with UN-certified virtual nation agencies to perform fiduciary nation-level functions instead—including managing escrow for Social Security and Medicare, and smart funding of your priority governance and charities. If this were possible and replaced nations states, then it would end international wars and immigration problems, as citizens of every virtual nation would likely be scattered worldwide. Local city, county and state governments can continue largely unchanged. But at the national virtual nation level, Democracy would be professional-only and not be political. Your only vote, per se, would be to renew or change which virtual nation agency you contract with and changing priorities for governance and charities. And if changing agency your escrow accounts would be transferred.
Marc Cherbonnier | The Baltimore Chronicle | Ref.
UN chief warns unchecked climate change will mean 'survival of the richest' [Surprise! That's just what the $Billionaires wanted!]
Anes Alic | OilPrice

Jamal Khashoggi: US spy chief given deadline to name Saudi writer's killers [WILL GROSS LEVELS OF CORRUPTION BY HEALTHCARE, FOSSIL FUELS AND MILITARY CONGLOMERATES EVER BE PUNISHED? In this case "Defense" contract profits may trump prosecuting a heinous murderer]
  • Trump ally Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman accused
  • Congress gives intelligence chief 30 days to assign responsibility
Julian Borger in Washington | The Guardian

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