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Obama's ACA didn't fix this:
The U.S. wastes $1.8 Trillion per year on health care spending compared to the average of 2017 per capita costs of comparable yet profit-controlled advanced countries. Let's end price gouging and adopt profit-control practices too. To the point, 2017 US out-of-control per capita health care spending was $5322 more per person than in France, the highest rated system based on patient outcomes.
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Iran passes 50,000 cases and 3,136 deaths; Russia and Afghanistan record single-day records; Cambodian government accused of using pandemic to assert absolute power
Alexandra Topping (now), Aamna Mohdin and Helen Sullivan(earlier) | The Guardian | 20.04.02
Hideous Reality: Cancer Alley: fury as new chemical plant rises in town battling toxic pollution [Petroleum-based plastics are polluting the world’s oceans and killing whales, dolphins and fish of all kinds! It never decomposes! It should be illegal to make this shit!]
Plastics factory will not only contribute to pollution in heavily polluted Louisiana town, but will also be a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions
Oliver Laughland in Welcome, Louisiana, and Emily Holden in Washington | The Guardian | 20.04.01
The U.S. has more detected cases than any other country, with New York at the epicenter of the American outbreak. President Trump warned of “hard days that lie ahead” as governors scrambled to try and slow the spread in their states.
RIGHT NOW The Supreme Court in India is forcing journalists to parrot the government’s message on the outbreak, a move seen as an assault on the free press.
Here’s what you need to know:
STAFF | The New York Times | 20.04.01
Auto Pollution Rules, a Key Effort to Fight Climate Change [Like with coal, fracking, methane gas and tar-sands-oil pipelines, Trump cuts regulations encouraging more and more pollution]
By Coral Davenport | The New York Times | 20.03.31
U.S. set to lose title as top oil producer as demand plunges and gas drops below $1 per gallon [The cruelty joke is the low gas price will encourage yahoos to drive more, unconsciously polluting and killing more.]
Gas has dipped below $1 a gallon in Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Wisconsin — but most people are not driving.
By Martha C. White | NBC News | 20.03.31
The Intercept Channel | YouTube | 20.03.31
Fred Lambert | | 20.03.31
By Lawrence Wright | The New Yorker | 20.03.31
  • Hospitals worldwide need ventilators to treat seriously ill Covid-19 patients, and they’re turning to China to supply them
  • But getting hold of the key components from Europe and the US is a challenge, and manufacturers are stretched to capacity
Laura Zhou | South China Morning Post | 20.03.31
The President’s pronouncements are a reminder, if one was needed, of his scorn for rigorous science, even amid the worst pandemic to hit the U.S. in a century.
By Steve Coll | The New Yorker | 20.03.30
"Corporate-run health insurance isn't about saving lives. It's about making as much money as possible. With Medicare for All we can finally put an end to this international disgrace," said Sen. Bernie Sanders.
Jake Johnson, staff writer | Common Dreams | 20.03.30
The Trump administration’s unprecedented indifference, even willful neglect, forced a catastrophic strategic surprise on to the American people
Micah Zenko | The Guardian | 20.03.29
We Can Safely Restart the Economy in June. Here’s How. [A million lives are at risk. We must orderly take the smartest actions.]
Get tough now. Test widely to isolate those infected, and slowly revive businesses with workers and customers who have developed immunity.
Ezekiel J. Emanuel | The New York Times | 20.03.29
Ignore the bankers – the Trump economy is not worth more coronavirus deaths [Hospital ships are NOT the answer to communicable diseases! Duh!]
CEOs, billionaires and advisers have the president’s ear and want people back to work. They are callous – and wrong
Robert Reich | The Guardian | 20.03.29
Disunited states of America: responses to coronavirus shaped by hyper-partisan politics [Unless there is public money to be legally misappropriated, today's Republicans dependably do nothing]
Democratic states have tended to be more proactive while some Republican governors followed Trump in downplaying the crisis
Tom McCarthy | The Guardian | 20.03.29
Jedidajah Otte (now) and Helen Davidson (earlier) | The Guardian | 20.03.29

Bad journalists are howled at
BOB SOMERBY in The DailyHowler | EVERY DAY

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If world leaders do not fathom the growing threats to life on Earth, they must be removed from office. [REF: World Economic Forum]
– Today's Posts: 4/03/20 –
A perfect storm': US facing hunger crisis as demand for food banks soars [0:24 video; Bernie's M4A would fix this!; chaos is on a hair-trigger since preparedness is decided to maximize next quarter’s profit instead of public safety.]
Food banks are reporting unprecedented demand across the US as millions lose jobs, investigation shows
Nina Lakhani in New York | The Guardian | 20.04.02
Ideas: We Can Finally See the Real Source of Washington Gridlock [“Stupid is as stupid does.” –Forrest Gump]
America’s political dysfunction is rooted not in ideological polarization, but in the Republican Party’s conviction that it alone should be allowed to govern.
Adam Serwer, staff writer | The Atlantic | 20.04.02
New York governor says US won’t ‘get back to normal’ after coronavirus [Will Republicans participate in making America's new normal better? Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen!]
Andrew Cuomo said country will ‘get to a new normal’ and emphasized all states must be prepared for such crises
Joan E Greve in Washington, Joanna Walters in New York and agencies | The Guardian | 20.04.02
The Hill channel | YouTube | 20.04.02
Why Joe Biden Will Probably Lose to Donald Trump in November [9:12 video; Democrats dislike DNC leadership, won't vote for a senile neoliberal (politicians who're whores for huge "donations")]
The Humanist Report channel | YouTube | 20.04.02
The Hill channel | YouTube | 20.04.02
The Hill channel | YouTube | 20.04.02
"This isn't just an outrageous decision, but it's also a deadly one."
Jake Johnson, staff writer | Common Dreams | 20.04.01
As coronavirus sweeps the globe, there is not a single Trilogy Evo Universal ventilator — developed with government funds — in the U.S. stockpile. Meanwhile, Royal Philips N.V. has sold higher-priced versions to clients around the world.
by Patricia Callahan, Sebastian Rotella and Tim Golden | ProPublica | 20.04.01
System uses machine learning to offer new way to screen for hard-to-detect cancers
Nicola Davis | The Guardian | 20.04.01
"We need to cancel all economic sanctions during this crisis."
Eoin Higgins, staff writer | Common Dreams | 20.04.01
The rich and famous are desperate to prove we are all in this together – in fact, the outbreak has highlighted just how false that is
Arwa Mahdawi | The Guardian | 20.04.01
Opinion: Social distancing? Working-class people don't have that luxury [The subway now feels like we're jews going to Auschwitz...]
While the rich work from home, others are packed on subways or losing their jobs. This pandemic calls for a reckoning
Francine Prose | The Guardian | 20.04.01

Internal documents describe how to profit from farmer losses and desire to oppose some independent testing
by Carey Gillam | The Guardian | 20.03.30
Out of this crisis can come efficient historic changes for justice
Ralph Nader | Common Dreams | 20.03.30
By Lavender Baj | Pedestrian TV News | 20.03.30
Japan seemed to have escaped a massive coronavirus outbreak. Now cases are rising.
By Eric Margolis | Vox | 20.03.29
An author in Rome describes what to expect based on her experiences of lockdown
Francesca Melandri | The Guardian | 20.03.28
Actions taken to suppress coronavirus reveal what measures are possible in an emergency, say experts
Fiona Harvey Environment correspondent | The Guardian | 20.03.28
Why are the rich and famous getting coronavirus tests [and face masks] while we aren't? [Because capitalism—that controls our government—cares nothing about the public!]
The wealthy and the powerful are counting on us not paying attention. They’re looking out for their own while we are left on a sinking ship
Jennifer Schaffer | The Guardian | 20.03.23
The UK expects thousands of deaths, and dangerously mixed messages risk making an already grave situation worse
Editorial | The Guardian | 20.03.23
Guardian News YouTube channel | The Guardian | 20.03.23
Once branded ‘rogue animals’, the elusive creatures were on the brink of extinction, but hope is rising for their survival
Annika Hammerschlag | The Guardian | 20.03.23
The country acted fast when the virus began to spread. Strict quarantine measures and testing have helped to curb it
Alexis Dudden and Andrew Marks | The Guardian | 20.03.22

Opinion: Dear Jeff Bezos, instead of firing me protect your workers from coronavirus [Another alternative solution is to confiscate most of your $150? Billion fortune to help America's desperate public, now struggling because they haven’t a robust safety net like Europeans have....]
I spoke up for safety at an Amazon warehouse. Unfortunately I believe it cost me my job
Chris Smalls | The Guardian | 20.04.02
AI companies and scientists are cooperating, but they desperately need access to pharmaceutical companies’ data
Ara Darzi, a surgeon and director of the Institute of Global Health Innovation at Imperial College London | The Guardian | 20.04.02
Opinion: There is no greater illustration of corporate America’s moral decay than Amazon [As with ruthless dictators, such evil and mean-spirited Billionaires must be effectively controlled, their wealth and income fairly distributed]
The company dismissed a worker who had been protesting conditions – someone who dared to raise the consciousnesses of those around him
Ross Barkan | The Guardian | 20.04.01
In what is being called the worst financial crisis since 1929, the US stock market has lost a third of its value in the space of a month, wiping out all of its gains of the last three years. When the Federal Reserve tried to ride to the rescue, it only succeeded in making matters worse. The government then pulled out all the stops. To our staunchly capitalist leaders, socialism is suddenly looking good.
by Ellen Brown | Web Of Debt | 20.03.22

US senators accused of coronavirus insider trading are a symbol of moral bankruptcy [Insider-trading is illegal for everyone else, it should be punishable by law without exceptions. Voters should get rid of them, regardless.]
Unethical and selfish behavior becomes especially disgusting in a time of a deadly pandemic
Nathan Robinson | The Guardian | 20.03.22

Idea updated 03/10/20: Those who think nation-states are not increasingly corrupt will not understand why change (below) is needed. [Ref.: The world is waking up to this!]

Virtual Nations [An editorial promoting an anti-fascist ideal]
Instead of Plutocratic/Corporate-Politicians owning and controlling people (and their children ad infinitum) in "their" Nation State, wouldn't it be better if adults world-wide could selectively contract with UN-certified—and annually rated for performance— professional agencies to perform nation-level fiduciary functions

Such nationalesque fiduciary agencies could manage escrow for Social Security and Medicare, plus smart funding for your priority governance and your priority charities.

If this were possible and replaced Nations States, then it would end wars and immigration crises because citizens of every Virtual Nation's citizens would be scattered worldwide, as before Nation States. And a world-wide common language might naturally coalesce.

Local city, county and state governments can continue unchanged. But at the Virtual Nation level, Democracy would be professional-only and not be political. Your only annual(?) vote for Virtual Nation agency would be to renew with the same Virtual-Nation agency or change to a better agency (which transfers escrows) and/or change priorities for governance and charities.

Marc Cherbonnier | The Baltimore Chronicle | Ref.

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